Are you getting a right-click menu popping up when you’re drawing on your tablet? 

Right Click Menu in Photoshop
A right-click menu in Photoshop.

Are you getting some spinning circle or maybe just weird behavior when not pressing any of your express or pen keys?  You might be experiencing the dreaded Right Click and Hold functionality of Windows Pen settings.

I’m going to help you fix it in this quick tips and tricks article.

Who This Is For

Are you on a Windows machine?  Yes, okay, keep reading. Are you using a drawing tablet attached to your Windows PC?  Good, keep reading. When you try to draw a line, do you occasionally get what is usually a right-click menu popping up or a spinning circle?  Yes? Frustrating, isn’t it? Let’s fix it.

Press and Hold – Right Click

Maybe this is useful for someone out there, but every artist I’ve run across screams bloody murder about this “feature.” There is a setting in Windows PCs called Press and Hold for your pen tablet. This does exactly what it says.  When pressing with your tablet pen against the tablet and holding it there, it acts as a mouse click. In this case, it’s a right-click which in many programs is already bound to a specific feature.

Do Not Disable Windows Ink

If you’ve found something that tells you to disable Windows Ink in Windows 10 and think that will resolve this issue, please please please go re-enable Windows Ink.  Many programs rely on Windows Ink to find your pressure sensitivity for your tablet. Trust me, I did this and had a panic for twenty minutes that my drivers had broken for my tablet.  More importantly, this does not fix your right-click menus popping up!

If you do need to disable Windows Ink because of other bugs, please check out the video below:

Video for properly disabling Windows Ink

Disable Press and Hold – Right Click

This quick walkthrough will be aimed at Windows 10 users, but the same steps apply for Windows 8 and Windows 7.  You simply have to find the right menu.

  1. Open Search

2. Search for “Control Panel”

Control Panel Windows 10
Search for Control Panel in Windows 10

3. Open “Control Panel”

4. Search for “Pen”

Search Control Panel
Type Pen into the search box highlighted

4. Open “Pen and Touch”

Pen and Touch Settings
Pen and Touch Settings in Control Panel

5. In the Pen Options tab, double click on “Press and Hold”

Press and Hold - Right Click
Double Click on Press and Hold

6. Uncheck “Enable Press and Hold for right-clicking”

Press and Hold Right Click
Uncheck the box shown above

7. Click Ok

That’s it, you should be fixed!  You may also want to disable “Flicks” in the Flicks tab if you see it, as this can also cause some unwanted behavior when using a pen tablet for digital art.

Did this quick tip solve some of your frustration? Were you able to get back to drawing without having a right-click menu popping up? Share it with your friends using the links below.