Lin is one of my personal favorite artists, so of course, as soon as I saw this brush set available I immediately downloaded and started playing with it.

Lin's Photoshop Brushes
Some of Lin’s brushes in action

Lin’s style mimics oil paintings with bold use of color and texture, so if this isn’t what you’re looking for, well… you can probably still find some great brushes in this set.

Please note this is a Photoshop brush set. While you can import Photoshop brushes into other programs, they will only import the brush tips, not the settings behind the brush. (Transfer, tilt, etc).

If you are a fan of what these brushes can accomplish, you can find them on Lin’s patreon page. And while you’re there, if you enjoy their art, help support them by becoming a patron!

Brush Examples

Below I’ll give you a few examples of some of my favorite brushes of this set and how I personally use them.

Main Hair

I use the main hair brush to give a bit of texture to hair.

Main Hair Brush

Stylized Hair

The stylized hair brush is great for giving hair that stranded look.

Stylized Hair Brush

Soft Feather

The soft feather is a great brush for getting a soft blend. Beware overuse and ruining your edges!

Soft Feather Brush

Daroz Special

To be honest, I’m not sure what the Daroz Special brush was originally intended for, but it gives some great paint splatter texture effects. I use it to give some interesting transitions in my edges where things can be a little less rigid.

Daroz Special Brush

Traditional Feeling

The traditional feeling brush gives you the impression that you’re using a real canvas, something that comes in handy if you’re trying to mimic realistic mediums.

Traditional Feeling Brush

Best Brush Ever

I admit, I giggle whenever I run into this brush while painting just because of the name. But, it does have some great uses in getting some interesting texture into things like armor and clothing.

Best Brush Ever


Another great texture brush (I did mention I love texture brushes, right?) that would work well for putting a roughened look on leather or metal.

Blacksmith Brush

There are some other great brushes in this set, but I think experience is a better teacher in all cases. Please go download the set, pay Lin a visit, and give them a tip if you like their work or these brushes!

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