Apoxii has been a digital artist for over four years, creating unique and bold pieces in a cartoonish fashion.

Art by Apoxii
Art by Apoxii

Their preferred combination of tools is an old Macbook Air and a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet using Clip Studio Paint as their drawing software.

You can find (and support) more of Apoxii’s fantastic work on their Twitter, Tumblr or Patreon.

I asked Apoxii to share not only some of their work with us but some of their history and thoughts. Keep reading to learn more about the digital artist known as Apoxii.

How did you get into digital art?

My dad, who I griped to endlessly, got me a $20 genius tablet that was like 4×5, I then took small commissions until I got my bamboo fun in 2006 and I’ve had it since! The ease of editing, the limitless choices and studies I can do, and the fact that I didn’t have to buy new paint constantly was really enticing. It’s cheaper and difficult, but so rewarding.

Are you self taught or did you go to school for art?

I’m completely self-taught! Youtube is a godsend, and I know a few art teachers who helped me through the years!

Art by Apoxii
Art by Apoxii

Describe your Art Style

I’m told often I remind people of the artist for “Not Drunk Enough” (Tessa Stone), but I don’t know what I can call my style other than all over the place! Consistency isn’t fun, and I’m learning a new technique every day.

What sort of topics in your artwork do you like to create?  A specific fandom, sci-fi, fantasy, landscapes, etc?

Candygore! Horror! Warcraft! I have whacky dreams and costume ideas! I think I like making mini-comics the most, as it’s a way to vent or get my humor out. As for fandoms: Warcraft, furry, Transformers, and more to come!

What do you do as a digital artist?  Is this a hobby, career or side gig? Do you take commissions?

It’s a siiiide-gig? I recently got employed but still take small batches of commissions. I hold it to the same importance as my job. I hope soon to start producing a comic series!

What motivates you to keep creating art?

Anxiety, energy drinks, and the thought that my last day on earth could be marked by my last drawing. It better not be a meme.

Art by Apoxii
Art by Apoxii

What knowledge would you like to impart to other digital artists, particularly new ones just starting out?

Off-brand tablets have a super-high chance of not restocking pens or not having the right drivers. Stick to name brand, second-hand tablets like Wacom or Apple/Microsoft products. Huion has been pretty good to people! Also: Put your tablet pen away, a dog may get it or you may break it and it’s the most expensive to replace!

Do you have any other parting thoughts on digital art and what you do that you’d like to share?

Straight up your art will change from computer to computer. It may be more saturated or look funnier than when you made it. Try to view it on multiple devices to ensure your piece is to your liking!

Other than that, hit the juul and get to work. 

Art by Apoxii
Art by Apoxii