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About Digital Art, Demystified

When I got back into digital art at the beginning of 2019, I was quite overwhelmed by the number of resources out there and quickly grew frustrated by one thing:  There was no one, single place that said: “I’m new, I want help, what’s out there for me?”

That’s my goal with Digital Art, Demystified.  To teach new artists not only the joys of digital art but to get them started off on the right foot.  Quite a few times I ran into YouTube videos of “Here’s my tutorial on how to draw a face” when really, it was just a speed paint with a few words slapped in the text on the bottom of the screen.

So this site is designed to gather as many resources that I have used and found helpful and put them into one location.  This isn’t just me doing a Google search and sharing the top video on YouTube for that topic. I spend hours watching the videos (or reading the posts) and trying out the tips, techniques, and methods described therein.     

Of course, every artist is different just like every person is different.  That’s why I try to give you a selection to choose from on each topic. If I’ve helped at least one artist, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Rhiow.  I was born in 1985 (you do the math) and I’ve been doing digital art since my 20’s.  I had an unfortunate life event that pushed me away from it, coupled with some horrendous self-doubt, but now I’m back and working hard to improve my skills (and keep that self-doubt at bay.)  I love creating things, be it art or stories. Writing and art have always been passions for me and I hope to one day turn either of these into some form of career.

In my day job, I’m a technical writer/content creator.  I have studied the fundamentals of adult learning and information mapping.  Of course, blog posts and help articles are two different beasts, but this knowledge also assists me in vetting what is a good tutorial… and what is not.  Then I can impart that knowledge to you!

If you’re looking to follow me, specifically, you can do so by finding me on Twitter or Instagram.